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Bringing you heat-hazed visions of daring robberies, bloodthirsty magpies and giant funnel-webs crawling out of coal mines to terrorise our cities Godzilla style, Sweaty City’s HOT, HARD & QUICK flash fic zine is a gripping portrait of a fire-licked present and a dire warning of a future too hot to touch.


Grab yourself a copy, support new and emerging writers working in lockdown, and please, ask yourself – where the hell is the reboot of the 2004 ABC kids’ classic sci-fi series, Silversun?


Contributors include:


Alice Bishop, Sydney Morning Herald Young Novelist of the Year 2020

Yumna Kassab, author of The House of Youssef

Raelee Lancaster, winner of the 2018 Nakata Brophy Prize for Young Indigenous Writers

Pavan Dutta, writer for Neighbours and Get Krack!n

Chloë Cooper (Peppermint, Kill Your Darlings, Overland)

Emma Hardy (The Monthly, The Lifted Brow, Going Down Swinging)

Jake Dean (The GuardianCrikeyThe Saturday Paper)

Riana Kinlough (Tulpa Literary Magazine & Thrill Me)

George Kemp (Audrey Journal)

Nicole Crichton is a writer and English teacher

S Monteith is a writer and recovering academic

Tallis Baker is a writer and marine science graduate

Hot, Hard & Quick Flash Fiction Zine (Digital Version)

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